Tour overview

  • Kedarkantha Trek

  • Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days.
  • Per person cost : 7000.
  • Max Altitude: 12,500 Ft.
  • Approximate Trekking Km: 20 Kms.
  • Kedarkantha is a snow trekking destination, based in Uttarkashi district. The trek is an adventurous journey which offers one most of the beautiful views of Himalayas that is beyond imagination. At a height of 12,500ft. we have the Kedarkantha Peak which offers to be a great trek even for beginners. The trail isn’t very tough however; physical fitness is required so that the trek is a smooth one for beginners. Backpacks ought to be carried and the ascent is also at quite an altitude. The distance covered is 20Kms in the entire trek. It is worth the enthralling experience.
    Kedarkantha Trek promises some of the most breath-taking panoramic views of the Himalayan range. The journey offers lovely meadows, landscapes and variety of flora and fauna. Trekkers get to experience the fascinating view of snow-capped mountains and the best part about this trek is that one can experience snow trekking up till end of April. December to April experiences winter months here and the local people claim this to be the most exciting season in this region. The flora changes from dry forests to pine forests as one ascends towards higher altitudes. This gradual change is a sight to see. The camping location is another treat to the eyes. Lying under the clear skies and witnessing Milky Way in all its glory, is a magical experience. It is experiencing nature at its authentic and most mesmerizing state. Kedarkantha Trek is an experience one shall carry with the fondest memories.
  • Detailed Itinerary :-
  • Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri
    All the trekkers should arrive at Dehradun so that together, we all leave for Sankri early morning. The journey from Sankri to Dehradun takes place through vehicles arranged by us. We start off early morning and Sankri is 220 km on National Highway 123. It’s a wonderful journey with ample scenic beauty to devour. On our way we pass Govind National Park. This wildlife sanctuary has some breath taking flora and fauna to offer. River Tons which is an important tributary of Yamuna enriches the vegetation there. The Sanctuary is one of the registered sites for the protection of the snow leopard and its habitat which survives in the inner Himalayas above the altitude of 3500 meters. By the evening, we reach Sankri and the stay overnight is at a Hotel. Once you have reached the Hotel you can freshen up and experience the beauty of the village and sunset in the Himalyas. There is the local cuisine to taste and local market to be wandered around. One can have their dinner and rest to prep themselves for the journey that is to follow the next day.
  • Day 2 : Sankri to Juda – Ka- Talaab
    We set off from Sankri after a sumptuous breakfast. The actual trek begins from this point. The destination is Juda-Ka-Talaab which is 9100ft. and the journey is 4km. After we cross the Sankri village, it is a steep uphill climb. On our way we come across a stream along which we trek on the road towards Kedarkantha. We’d be crossing quite a few bridges and move through dense forests of Maple and Pine trees. The streams can be heard though they are visible only much later. The trail has a very appealing scenic beauty. As we go further one comes across villages where people are living a remote lifestyle. Women go out to collect wooden logs and dry leaves to burn their “choolah’s”. Men take their cattle out to feed and children are seen playing amidst nature. Himalyan Langoors, Boars, Martens and Hares can often be spotted in this region. Continuing on the trail and after crossing a few streams one reaches the much awaited site of Juda-ka-talaab. The lake is a mesmerizing scene to behold. We set up our camps at this picturesque place where one can indulge in photography and nature walk. Camping here at night under the stars is a surreal experience.
  • Day 3 : Juda-Ka-Talaab to Kedarkantha Base
    The next morning, after breakfast we commence our journey again. Now we trek towards the Kedarkantha base which is at an altitude of 11,250ft. and 4Kms away. The trail is dense in terms of trees, but very visible and straight. We also come across open meadows as we go further. If the trek is taking place in winters, at altitude 10,400 ft. specks of snow are visible around the track. The trail continues through dry oak forests and meadows. It is a great space to reenergize oneself amidst nature that remains untouched by human encroachment. It is natural habitat blooming with life and it fills you with life itself. A little further along the way one can see snow clapped mountains comprising of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana spread out in an arc shaped range. This view is pretty close to the Kedarkantha base so once this sight is visible, you can be assured that the base camp isn’t too far now.
    After reaching the base camp, the tents are set. We settle and light up the bonfires as the sun sets and stars start glistening in the sky. Soon after sunset, the Milky Way is visible spreading like a blanket through the entire sky. The scene of the stars and planets in the clear sky accompanied with the breath taking beauty of the mountains is a sight to behold. It is a picture that will imprint itself in your mind and you will cherish this memory forever. The temperature drops at this altitude therefore one can warm up with woollens and the night is spent in the respective tents.
  • Day 4 : Kedarkantha Base to Kedarkantha Peak; descend to Hargaon camp
    Trekkers wake up to a mesmerizing sunrise and can bask in the pure energies of the sun. It is a wonderful experience and a great start to a much adventurous day. A filling breakfast is served and trekkers prepare to go further up. The trekkers will now hike up to an altitude of 11,250 ft to 12,500 ft; to reach the Kedarkantha peak. The aim for the day is to trek and conquer the Kedarkantha peak and return back to Hargaon base camp which is located at 8900ft. The entire journey is 6km and can take upto 7 hours.
    There are several tracks which lead to the peak but we opt for the main trail as it is more even and convenient. On this track too we cross several oak forests. The trek is easy and fast but as we get closer to the peak, it can get a little strenuous owing to the high altitude and steep climb. However, the vista that awaits at the peak is worth the efforts. The panoramic view of the snow clad peaks of Uttrakhand is magical. There is a temple on the hill top dedicated to Lord Parvati and Shiva and has a shrine of Lord Ganesha too. One can revel in the beauty of nature and experience the spiritual energies of the place altogether. One can enjoy some quality time here until noon, after which we descend towards the Hargaon base camp.
    We cross similar scenes of oak, pine and maple forests; shepherd huts and frozen streams. Savouring all this we descend to the base camp. On reaching the campsite, once again the tents are set and campfires are lit. Everyone enjoys dinner and discuss the amazing journey that it has been up till now, as everyone on the trek has developed closer and stronger bonds.
  • Day 5 : Hargaon Camp to Sankri
    Now, we descend back to Sankri which is from from 8900 feet to 6400 feet. The track is 6kms and descending down would take 4 hours or a little more. Therefore, after breakfast we set out on our journey and the path is a well paved one. On our way we shall witness pine forests and streams of fresh water flowing. As the sun beams between the pine trees, nature exposes itself in its true glory. Further down we across a ridge from where we get to see the magnificent view of Har ki Dun valley or the Valley of Gods. The scenic splendour refreshes our senses as we continue our trek. As we come close to Sankri, signs of habitation are visible. The last 2500ft. we come across dense pine forests and by the evening, we are at Sankri.
    On reaching Sankri we check in back into the Hotel. One can go out into the village and explore after freshening up. Sankri is a small vilaage with a very limited number of families staying. They do not have large market places or variety of local cuisine but being amidst the people, one gets to experience true rural life. It is slow paced, easy going lifestyle and in major contrast to the fast and complicated life in the cities. People grow potatoes, rice and apples and live in wooden houses. Here, you shall find peace. One can enjoy local food for dinner or have the cuisine of their choice at the Hotel. Overnight stay is at the hotel.
  • Day 6: Departure day (Sankri to Dehradun)
    The final day is for departure and we travel back 220Kms, to Dehradun city. Vehicle is accordingly arranged by us. We relish our breakfast and leave early as the journey back will take up to 10 hours counting in the breaks. We take the NH123 route which is the shortest and has lesser traffic. Enjoy the journey back home with mesmerizing visual beauty all around as you carry happy memories and great experiences, away from the trek. We reach Dehradun by late evening. Travellers can be dropped off at the airport or railway station as per requirement and they can further book their departure and plan individually, accordingly. Those who wish to spend the night in the beautiful city of Dehradun can book their hotels accordingly as well. We end the adventurous journey, on a wonderful note.