Dibakar Kundu started goTripTrek almost 10 years ago with one vision: to define the future of trekking.

What began as one humble blogpost about the Roopkund trek has now blossomed into India’s largest trekking community and an authoritative source of all trek related information.

Ten years later, the goTripTrek website is the largest database of trek information in India. Thousands of trekkers use information on the goTripTrek website to go trekking on their own. Credible information has become the fulcrum that has taken trekking forward in India. Being the last word on trek information is part of our core values.

Document Treks

Documenting treks is the foundation of goTripTrek. We started with the primary aim of making trek information accessible to anyone who wants to trek. For this, we have documented innumerable trails across the country. If you wish to trek on your own, you may refer to our library of trek guides that contains all details about various trek. If you wish to help us document a trek, please drop an email to info@gotriptrek.com goTripTrek

Organise Treks

As an organisation passionate about trekking, we also aim to bring in innovative trekking practises to take trekking in India to the next level. For this, we organise treks where you are introduced to the goTripTrek Experience. Through our treks, we also face and strive to solve the problems of the mountains. For example, introducing microspikes, dome tents, waterproof socks to Indian trekking. We have a long way to go, and would love it if you join us on this journey!

Offer Experiential Learning

We have various experiential learning programmes for children, families, schools and companies. These programmes are led by experts to deepen mental, physical and spiritual development through experiential learning in the lap of nature. We also have family treks to magnify the positive effects of trekking with your children. On these treks we work together on the camping activities like pitching tents, cooking and green trails. This deepens learning on a trek and creates some unforgettable memories.